Mini Maxi Foldable Bag

Compact for easy-carrying

Our pocket-sized Mini Maxi Foldable Bag opens out into a full-sized shopping bag which is compact, comfortable and easy to store. It will be a constant companion for all shoppers.

Code: MM-01 Code: MM-02
Maxi Size(HxWxB): 11"x12.8"x4" (280x325x102mm) Maxi Size(HxWxB): 11.6"x15"x4.6" (295x380x117mm)
Mini Size (HxW): 4.75"x4" (120x102mm) Mini Size (HxW): 5.1"x4.6" (130x117mm)
Handle: 11.4"x0.75" (290x20mm) Handle: 13.5"x1" (345x25mm)
Fabric: 75gsm Fabric: 75gsm
Printing: 2C+2C Printing: 2C+2C
Code: MM-03 Code: MM-04
Maxi Size(HxWxD): 16.75"x15.5"x3.5" (425x395x90mm) Maxi Size(HxWxB): 13.75"x17.12"x3.75" (350x435x95mm)
Mini Size (HxW): 4.5"x8.8" (115x225mm) Mini Size (HxW): 3"x7.25" (75x185mm)
Handle: 18"x1" (455x25mm) Handle: 23.6"x1" (600x25mm)
Fabric: 75gsm Fabric: 75gsm
Printing: 1C+0C Printing: 1C+1C
Code: MM-05 Code: MM-06
Maxi Size(HxWxD): 14.25"x13.75"x6.25" (365x350x158mm) Maxi Size(HxWxB): 15"x16.9"x3.9" (380x430x100mm)
Mini Size (HxW): 4.75"x7.9" (120x200mm) Mini Size (HxW): 3.5"x7.25" (90x185mm)
Handle: 19"x1" (480x25mm) Handle: 22"x1.25" (530x32mm)
Fabric: 100gsm Fabric: 75gsm
Printing: 2C+1C Printing: 1C+0C